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Making of

How is it made?

Bumble Lure® was born out of a passion for fishing. Only the best have been sourced from around the world to handcraft our lures. We pack them ourselves and send them directly to you.

Bumble Lure® body is constructed of top-quality balsa wood, known to be the lightest and liveliest wood material for floating lures. It assures the lure’s precise weight is well-balanced in the water. Most other lures currently on the market have their hooks below the water when floating. However, Bumble Lure’s hook position is unique; it remains above the water as the lure floats allowing it to overcome obstacles such as grasses or lilies and remain hidden from the fish. The Japanese razor sharp hooks are made from durable metal, effectively positioned guaranteeing the fish WILL STAY HOOKED once it bites.

Bumble Lure’s design was developed through painstaking research, determining which colors fish liked best. Each lure is dipped in high-quality varnish to ensure that it is perfect and ready for action. Each lure is crafted with skill, precision and care that some might consider them a small piece of floating art.


Bumble Lure® Types & Colors

Handcrafted wooden original designs, Bumble Lure® offers both topwater FRESH and SALT water excitement! Please see the back of the catalog for more information on this versatile collection.

Models are differentiated by body shape, weight, length and color. All of our lures have been chosen by fish-you choose your favorite!