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When to choose Bumble Lure®

When you are tired of your lures getting constantly stuck into grass or lilies and you wish to explore new fishing areas where you have traditionally lost many of your lures. Or simply just want to try something new and unique. Although developed primarily for use in waters with various obstacles, Bumble Lure® can be used everywhere, anywhere, at any time.


Why use Bumble Lure®

Because no other lure knows how to dance between and over the grass, lilies and branches as Bumble Lure® does. And while touching water surface, Bumble Lure® makes vibrations that drives fish crazy! It is a MUST for a good bite!


How to use Bumble Lure®

Dress your rod with Bumble Lure® and cast the lure over or into water obstacles. We suggest that you then make a series of slow and/or quick movements by pulling Bumble Lure® across the water. As it skims across the top of the water, the vibrations that Bumble Lure® makes will attract fish and they will jump to swallow it! And with Bumble Lure® they will be hooked so well your adrenaline will rise as you start pulling out your trophies!