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Dear Bumble lure ® buyer,

Nowadays you can find lot of topwater lures on a market but we wanted to make something different. The guiding light for us was to build a unique type of a lure, the one with more gliding-through-lily-pads capability and the one which can give you more excitement on a water. With many topwater lures you can fish only on water types that are clear or mildly vegetated. On the other hand, Bumble lure® will function well on heavy vegetated areas which are way too often the ones hiding big fish.

The lure itself makes a lot of splash, pop's a lot of noise and has big chunky profile which turns predators to frenzy mode. Through the years we have been experimenting with different lure models, body sizes, weights and hook types as well as with hook positions inside the lure.

Now we can say that these models which we're having in our portfolio have the best hook up ratio and they are skipping and bouncing over lily-pads like nothing else on the market. They have high buoyancy and after casting and landing onto water surface they turn to 90° hook straight position in no-time.

The Bumble lure® otherwise shares one common characteristic with other topwater lures: you need to wait with hook set for a moment otherwise you may take the lure out of the fish mouth. It takes a bit of practice but you will soon notice that you have become a better angler. You can put on your Bumble lure ® single tail or twin tail grub, silicone skirt and enhance its profile or action. Sometimes a little tweeking makes lot of difference on a given day. Slide them, pop them or jerk them around branches, lily pads or weed grass and get ready for topwater excitement!

Keep in mind that all the Bumble lures® are equipped with highly sharp Japanese hooks, multiple layers of lacquer and they're hand painted. You can also choose your own colour pattern and give unique look to your Bumble lure® under section “Design your own lure”.

For any questions don’t hesitate to ask as on

Thank you once more for buying Bumble lure®…you're about to experience topwater madness!