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BL story

About Bumble Lure®

Adrenaline! Many anglers love the thrill of watching a fish take a bite on a topwater lure. At Bumble Lure®, we are passionate anglers and share in this excitement. Having fished all over Europe, we especially enjoy the challenges presented by our home waters in Croatia. Our beautiful lakes and rivers are full of sheltering grasses and lilies that attract numerous fish. However, casting in these complicated waters has resulted in many of our beloved lures being lost. Years have been spent shaping, testing and perfecting what we present to you now-Bumble Lure, our handcrafted, field-tested lure!

Overcoming all obstacles in the water, our freshwater lures are made of balsa wood-the lightest and liveliest wood material on the market today, ensuring maximum efficiency. The lures resemble the shape of a bumble bee , floating in such a way that allows them to remain above the water. A fish can easily be hooked on the razor sharp barb when bitten. In addition to its beautiful lakes, Croatia is surrounded by the scenic Mediterranean Sea which has inspired us to begin crafting Bumble Lure saltwater lures: made by hand and with the heart of a true angler.

After sharing our lures with only close friends, word began to spread and Bumble Lure began to grow in popularity all over Europe. It was discussed and decided that we would Bumble Lure with the rest of the world. We hope you enjoy using our lures as much as we have.

Wishing you much excitement and luck on your next fishing expedition,

Your Bumble Lure® Team